baljeet purewal

and as my brain bleeds outta my
ears the sirens eclipse the red of the cells which are
now useless lying in a liquid now more percentage
alcohol than human blood my blood and the roar gets
even louder as slowly the system shuts down oh shit
operational failure in the mainframe guess this one
was just not right yet musta been what god said as he
was trying to fine tune the human being and one of the
first prototypes was me accent on the was, shit the
shit has the hit the fans fucken shits all red red as the wine, red red wine

nothing as sexy right now as fucken sean paul's voice shake anything for him

and his corn rows rows and rows of useless life forms not
understanding that this is nothing but an illusion!
fuck escape on may 3 what i want right now escape cuz
i have a consciousness have lived enough (lives) and
now know all