ode to sundeep/baljeet's mentality

baljeet purewal

and the sun shines high/while i sink low/beneath the
ocean blue/where nobody ever goes/and u can tell
everyone/cuz there's nothin left to screw up/i cant
remember when it was/that the emotions started leaving
me/n my tears started to dry up/but if those days
could reappear/when crying was my last escape/i beg
for them/cuz now i'm a monotonous bitch/with an itch
for hate/its a trifle pain to open my eyes in the
morning/and the sun/that bright paramount force/is
forever laughing in my face/n the tick-tock of the
clock/drivin me mad/seein red spots/time flies by too
fast, too slow/so much to so much to know/yet nowhere
to be, nowhere to go/the walls of this box is getting
smaller/and quickly i realize/they will envelope this